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Automation of production processes and robotization of workplaces

The main focus of TG Automation s.r.o. is industrial production automation and production process automation by integrating industrial and collaborative robots (cobot) into the workflow.

Our portfolio of activities includes not only complex automated turnkey solutions, but also pre-project consultancy, design of automation solutions, project documentation, construction and production of special equipment, equipment commissioning, after-sales support and also programming of industrial robots of the ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Universal Robots brands and SIEMENS PLC control systems.

Through robotization we solve product manipulation, palletization, loading and unloading of machining centres, welding processes, riveting or screwing, but also other areas. To guide the robot into position, we use various Vision systems, which are popularly used to remove bulk material from a standing conveyor - pick and place, from a moving conveyor belt - pick on the fly, or directly from a box or pallet - bin picking. Many renowned companies have used our services in the field of industrial robot programming and PLC control system programming.

Benefit from production automation

turnkey solutions

They increase production performance, streamline the production process, and also solve problems due to a lack of operators. In some cases, the return of the investment into production modernization can be achieved as soon as in 1.5 - 2 years.

Increasing production volume
and streamlining the production process

By automating production operations while reducing production cycle time. If you need to produce more, faster, and more efficiently, we offer you a convenient solution.

Filling vacant jobs with a robot

Repetitive production operations will be performed reliably by industrial or collaborative robots. They are reliable, precise and can perform activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the investment in them will be quickly returned.

Services offered

  • Pre-project
  • Automation solution
  • Engineering design of equipment
    + 3D model
  • Electrical equipment design
    + documentation in EPlan
  • Industrial robot programming -
  • Collaborative robot programming -
    Universal Robots, ABB, KUKA, FANUC
  • After-sale support
  • PLC programming -
    Siemens Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC
  • Production of special
    single-purpose equipment
  • Equipment commissioning

Collaborative robot (cobot)

It is currently very popular because it can work alongside people. It can be used wherever repetitive activities are carried out and a high movement rate is not required. It is an alternative that can resolve the shortage of operators on the labour market. It is less investment-intensive than “classic” industrial robots.

Vision systems

Through them, a robot or cobot (collaborative robot) is guided to pick up parts from the conveyor (Pick and Place) or to pick them up from a pallet (Bin Picking). The gripped part can be deposited on another conveyor, inserted into a magazine or a machining tool. Vision systems cooperating with a manipulator replace the complicated and expensive equipment used for guiding and positioning parts. They are flexible and can be quickly readjusted to another type of scanned object.

Robotic welding cells

They can speed up the welding process multiple times over compared to the manual method. The quality and uniformity of welds along with the multiplication of production are further benefits of such a solution. Using a positioning device, it is possible to weld components from multiple sides without the need to change the fastening. MIG/MAG method welding (in a protective atmosphere) can handle various types of steel or aluminium alloys.

Screwing and riveting systems

They have an automatic supply of joining material and, in conjunction with a robot, bring about a significant acceleration of screwing operations to the production process.

Removal of burrs after product machining

This can present a significant problem with larger production volumes. Depending on the specific conditions, size, shape of the workpiece and the machining location, the robot can ride the desired contours either with a tool clamped or with the workpiece itself in a gripper. The solution itself always depends on the specific conditions of the production process.

Product and material handling

It is often monotonous and strenuous. A lack of operators can jeopardize production continuity. An industrial manipulator is the ideal solution for such problems. It can simultaneously operate several machines, insert and remove parts from machining centres, handle pallets, etc.

Examples of possible application of robotic cells

  • Collaborative robot (cobot)
  • Vision systems
  • Robotic welding cells
  • Screwing and riveting systems
  • Removal of burrs after product machining
  • Product and material handling

Financing your project

To finance your automation project, we offer you the option of spreading payments over several years in the form of financial leasing. In cooperation with ČSOB leasing we will create the conditions for managing your investment into modernization of your production.

We will help you prepare your business for the future

Repetitive production operations will be performed reliably by industrial or collaborative robots. They are reliable, precise and can perform activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.